California Partnership for Long Term Care

Taking the Guesswork Out of a High Quality Policy

There are two types of Partnership policies available:

  • A facility-only policy that covers care in a facility (nursing home and residential care facilitiesFacilities that provide room and board, assistance with personal care and any necessary supervision. They range in size from small, two to six bed "mom and pop" operations to facilities with over 200 living units. They are licensed by the California Department of Social Services.) or
  • A comprehensive policy that covers care at home, in the community, as well as in a nursing home and residential care facility.

You choose the amount of coverage you want. Policies offer coverage from one to five years or lifetime. To be assured you are selecting high quality coverage, all Partnership policies include:

  • Automatic inflation protectionProtects the policyholder from covering the difference between what the insurance policy will pay, which is based on the costs of services when you purchased the policy, and the actual cost of care when you need it. Every Partnership policy is required to have this protection, and the state highly recommends that you protect yourself by only purchasing a policy with inflation protection. to ensure that your benefits keep pace with the rising cost of care;
  • A deductibleDeductible that must be met only once in your lifetime that must be met only once in your lifetime;
  • Care coordination to assist you in planning and securing the services you want and need;
  • Waiver of premiumsWhile in benefit in a nursing home or residential care facility many policies allow the policyholder to stop paying premiums. A premium waiver may only apply when using the nursing facility benefit or other institutional benefit, although some policies may waive premiums while using the home care or other benefits of the policy. while you receive care in a nursing home or residential care facility; and
  • Interchangeable policy benefits so that care can be customized to meet your individual needs.