California Partnership for Long Term Care

Emotional Challenges of Long-Term Care

Caregiving comes at a price. For many, there is a sense of obligation to care for a loved one, if not a necessity, and it is a need that’s increasing every year.

It usually starts with a phone call. And we find ourselves in a situation where we expectedly – or unexpectedly – have to care for a parent, spouse or child. Then it becomes an all-consuming responsibility that can leave the caregiver with little breathing room for their own health and well-being.

There are rewards to being a caregiver but we also have to address the challenges that come with this role. Caregivers will often find themselves in a situation that is exhausting and find it difficult to ask for help. And because of this, they often suffer from burnout, fatigue and isolation, and struggle with strained relationships with their own families. There’s also the conflicting feelings of guilt and resentment that creeps in during the journey of caregiving, and the family dynamics become more complicated as the family struggles with making decisions.

There is a heavy burden inherent with caregiving. It is important for caregivers to find other resources or support to help alleviate some of the responsibility. Click here for a list of resources.