California Partnership for Long Term Care

Depend on Family and Friends

Historically in America, family members have provided long-term careCare given to someone who can no longer perform activities of daily living.. This may seem like an ideal option, but the changing dynamics of America make this a less and less viable option for most families.

As a nation, we are living longer, which means the adult children are often older and less able to undertake the physical rigors of caregiving – helping a parent in out of the tub, clothing them and moving them about. Secondly, families are more mobile and spread out today than they were a generation ago, meaning the challenge of caregiving generally falls on a single family member. While our hearts are in the right place, when conflicting priorities arise, such as caring for your parents or children and work responsibilities, how can you choose? Finally, it’s a scary statistic, but a third of partners who provide care to their spouses die before the spouse being cared for.

If this is your choice, make sure your wishes are known and written down to eliminate misunderstandings.

Family Caregiving: "Sometimes it arrives as a midnight crisis; for others, caring for an ailing loved one has become part of the family fabric over time."


Other Options to Consider: