California Partnership for Long Term Care

The California Partnership Direct Mail Campaign Mailer

The mission of the California Partnership for Long-Term CareCare given to someone who can no longer perform activities of daily living. (Partnership) is to educate Californians about the costs of and the risks associated with long-term care. The Partnership also provides educational material on one of the options to cover these potential costs - long-term care insuranceSpecific type of insurance policy designed to offer financial support to pay for necessary long-term care services..


The State does not sell insurance, but has formed an innovative public/private alliance between consumers, the State of California, and select private insurance companies, as well as the Public Employee’s Retirement System (PERS). The Partnership endorses high quality, affordable long-term care insurance policies to middle income Californians – those at the highest risk of becoming impoverished due to the high costs of long-term care. Before an insurance agent is allowed to sell a Partnership approved policy, they are required to have eight hours of additional training specifically on the Partnership programState-approved policies sold through private insurance companies that are designed with specific benefits that protect the consumer's assets and welfare..


The California Partnership for Long-Term Care is supporting this mailer to encourage your consideration of long-term care coverage and provide you a way to learn more about long-term care insurance with an insurance agent authorized to sell Partnership approved policies. There is no obligation to buy. Click on here for a sample copy of the letter.


Agents involved with this mailer will NOT receive your name, address and phone number unless you request more information. Only after you make the request will your name be forwarded to an authorized agent.


  • Agents involved with this mailer are NOT specifically endorsed by the State of California. These agents, however, have taken the training necessary to offer Partnership approved policies.
  • All agents involved with this mailer have agreed to the California Partnership for Long-Term Care Agent Pledge prior to being allowed to participate in this program. Click on this link to view this pledge.
  • For your information, the Partnership's vendor uses mailing lists that are generated by selecting people within certain age groups and income brackets from publicly available sources such as but not limited to county property records, national change of address lists, etc.
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  • Please click on this link if you would like to be contacted by a California Partnership for Long-Term Care qualified agent to discuss information and options about Long-Term Care. Keep in mind that there is NO obligation for you to purchase a Partnership or any long-term care insurance policy. This is a free service and your name and information will NOT be used for any other purpose whatsoever.
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